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Today, with the ever-developing technology, smart mobile phones are at the top of the list of the most used devices of our age. Smartphones have android based operating systems and are specially prepared for these operating systems. Mobile application must update itself continuously, you need to code the mobile application according to which system you want to run. To ensure integration between the device and the mobile application used, that is, to minimize errors, update the application continuously, close the gaps.

Special Design

We integrate all your Web-based software into the Mobile Application.

Special Software

Custom Web amp; We prepare mobile based software.

Application Services

All Your Systems Mobile amp; We collect on Web Based CRM.

Dynamic Applications

We deliver your Mobile Applications Dynamic, CMS System integrated to you.

We add value and color to your projects with our hands..

As Nesli Team, we attach importance to your projects. Because we know that your reference gives us other references. We work with this consciousness. If you'd like to get to know us, why not have a coffee together?

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Since 2006, without compromising the quality of our services we offer to our valued customers are as follows.

Web Software and Design

Web site design and programming for corporations or individuals, E-Commerce, News Sites, Blogs and Promotion sites. Generation with CMS

Mobil Application

Android ve IOS Platformlarda Proje bazlı Mobil Uygulamalar

SEO, Google ADS ve Reklamlar

Kuruma Özel SEO Çalışması, Google ADS ve Anahtar Kelime çalışmaları ve Reklam çalışmaları, Profesyonel Google ADS Danışmanlığı

Sosyal Medya Danışmanlığı

Facebook, Twitter, instagram takibi danışmanlığı ve reklamları.

Sistem, Network ve Yazılım

Kurumsal Sistem, Network kurulum ve bakım onarım hizmetleri. Nesli Muhasebe Sistemi, Nesli ERP Sistemi, Nesli CRM Sistemi, birBADE Veri Analiz Yazılımı,Nesli E Fatura, E Arşiv ve E Dönüşüm hizmetleri.

Web Hosting ve Sunucu

Kurumsal ve Bireysel Web Hosting Hizmetleri, Alan Adı Tescil, Dedicated ve VPS Sunucu Hizmetleri


Nesli, which operates in different branches in the IT World, has completed hundreds of projects. Some of the projects are as follows. Thank you for choosing us.

Çizgi Neon Tabela

Kurumsal Web Sitesi, ADS Çalışmaları

E-Muhtar Uygulaması

E-Muhtar Mobil Uygulaması ve Muhtarlık CRM Bilgi Sistemi

NHN - Naturel Health News

Haber Portalı ve Nesli Haber CMS

Soyak Olympiakent

Sistem, Network Çalışmaları

Mirza Rent A Car

Kurumsal Web Site, Mobile Web Site, NesliCMS, Nesli Muhasebe

Güleç Eczanesi - İstanbul

Sistem ve Network Kurulumu

Marin Jeneratör

Kurumsal Web Site, Mobile Web Site, NesliCMS, Nesli Muhasebe

Nayla Palace Hotel

Kurumsal Web, Sistem & Network, NesliCMS

Loco Active - Headwear

Nesli E-Ticaret Paketi, Nesli CMS, Nesli Muhasebe


Kurumsal SEO ve Google ADS Çalışması

U Filo Rent A Car

Kurumsal Web Sitesi, Nesli CMS

Corporate Information

Founded in 2005 with the IT team, Nesli started its commercial life in 2006 and signed its first project. This adventure started with the name of Nesli Grafik in 2006, now Nesli Grafik Interactive Agency, Web and Design Services, Nesli Informatics Computer, System and Network Services, Nesli Hosting IT Telecommunication and Internet Services, Nesli Software Software, Programming and Application Services, Nesli Security Camera, Alarm and Intercom Systems by incorporating the organization Nesli Hosting Bilişim Yazılım Telekomünikasyon Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti. has taken place under the umbrella of the sector, has taken its place in the sector and continues with confident steps.

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Generation; Alantro's, Nic.t is, Nic is a proxy dealers and ICANN is the international platform in Turkey and registered domain name registry operator dealer. At the same time, Nesli has a Data Center / Datacenter within its own structure since 2012 and is an internationally operating Hosting Company.

Nesli has not changed its service standard since 2006 and has continued to add value to it day by day.

As a result, Nesli increased the number of Web Pages to 472, the number of Web Hosting Hosts to 2133, and the number of individual and corporate users to whom it worked or supported 1327.

Since its generation is constantly focused on solutions, it tries all kinds of methods until it reaches the solution and offers the most healthy way to its customers. Our team knows that the way to solution goes through understanding and research, and always expresses its sensitivity to our customers.

We want you to know that we are proud to provide you with the experience we have gained since our establishment, the projects we have signed, our place in the sector and our uninterrupted services.

Ticaret Sicil No : 191810 / 5
Vergi No : 6311290114
Vergi Dairesi : Kocasinan
Mersis Numarası : 631129011400001
Taahhüt edilen ve Ödenmiş Sermaye : 240.000,00 TRY
E-Posta : info@nesli.com.tr
Telefon : 0850 511 26 37
Merkez : Demirkapı Mahallesi 1647.Sokak No : 1/7 Bağcılar - İstanbul
Operasyon : Maltepe Mahallesi Dokumacılar Sitesi Sokak No : 42 Zeytinburnu - İstanbul

How does our project flow progress?

The generation advances the workflow in all projects for which it has approved, as indicated in the diagram below and never goes out of line. Here is the diagram;













Software and Projects

NesliSOFT; The most preferred software which belongs to NesliSOFT, whose copyright and license fee is programmed by the team is as follows.

Nesli Muhasebe

Accounting, E Conversion Software

Current Accounts, Financial Management, Invoice Dispatch, Inventory, Production and
E-Invoice, E-Archive, E-Waybill Services Online Software you can use.

Nesli CRM ve ERP

Company Management Software

Online Software that you can use to manage, plan and track your company from anywhere, prepare offers, follow up marketing.


Data Analysis Software

With birBADE, you can analyze your company financially from anywhere and follow up your income and expenses. birBADE is an integrated analysis software that works only with NesliMuhasebe.

Nesli CMS

Web Management Software

Managing your Websites has never been easier with NesliCMS. It is designed to add, remove or update your content from anywhere.

Rating Percentage of Software

Nesli Muhasebe, ERP ve CRM
Nesli CMS Web Management
birBADE Data Analysis Software
Nesli E-Commerce

What We Programed in 4 Years

Nesli Muhasebe ve ERP Sistemi, E-Fatura - E-Arşiv Entegrasyonu Entegrasyonu

birBADE Mobil Uygulaması

Nesli E-Ticaret Modülü Yeni Versiyon

Nesli Teknik Servis Yazılımı

Nesli Web CRM Responsive

Nesli Muhasebe ve ERP Sistemi, Mağazacılık Entegrasyonu

Nesli CRM Sistemi

Nesli Muhasebe ve ERP Sistemi Web Versiyonu

Nesli Muhasebe ve ERP Sistemi Masaüstü Versiyonu


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Since 2006, we have delivered numerous System and Network Installations, Web Software, Web Design, Mobile Application, E-Commerce Projects, News Portals, Special Software and Projects. The number of Web Hosting and Domains that we actively host is as follows: Generation Hosting BTK Approved Web Hosting.

Number of Hosted Web Hosting
Number of Hosted Domains
Delivered Web Software Project
Delivered System & Network Project


Center : Mahmutbey Demirkapı Mahallesi 1647.Sokak No : 1 Bağcılar - İstanbul / TURKEY
Operation : Maltepe Mahallesi Dokumacılar Sitesi Sokak No : 42 Zeytinburnu - İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

Call Center : 0 850 511 26 37

E-Mail : info@nesli.com.tr - info@nesli.net.tr